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Every car, truck, forklift, and industrial vehicle depends on its radiator to keep the entire engine cool. A cooler engine runs more efficiently, and serves to extend the service life of your vehicle. International Radiator Services is an auto radiator repair specialist. We offer Fontana, CA and the entire Inland Empire area a full range of comprehensive radiator repair services.

When your vehicle starts overheating, you know there is a problem somewhere in the cooling system. If the problem is left untreated, serious damage can occur to your vehicle’s engine. It is essential that qualified auto radiator repair specialists diagnose and service the entire cooling system of your car or truck. Make sure you are not left stranded on the roadside. Bring your vehicle into us, and we will have the issue corrected in no time at all.

Our extensive experience working on virtually every type of radiator on the road today distinguishes us as the leader in automotive radiator repair. Our range of expertise includes new radiator installation as well as full radiator rebuilds. Our radiator repair and reconditioning services include:

• Cleaning
• Boiling
• Flushing
• Rod-out repair
• Re-coring
• And much more

International Radiator Services also specializes in new plastic tank (expansion) auto radiator replacement and repair, as well as vintage radiators constructed out of aluminum and copper. There is no radiator we cannot fix. Allow our technicians to examine every working part in your car’s cooling system. Our record-complete comprehensive inspections cover all the components, including:

• Radiator caps
• Hoses
• Cooling fans
• Freeze plugs
• Drain plugs
• Water pumps
• Thermostats

International Radiator Services is the auto radiator repair troubleshooting expert you can trust for consistent and reliable radiator servicing. We diagnose even the most challenging radiator issues, and develop practical and affordable solutions to get your car or truck’s engine cool again.

Speak with one of our specialists today, and learn more about our complete line of auto radiator repair services.