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Today’s diesel engines are state-of-the-art machines that deliver fantastic performance that rivals traditional gasoline engines. They are environmentally practical, too, thanks to the DPF. Diesel particulate filters are designed to capture and remove the undesirable soot from the exhaust of diesel engines, allowing your diesel engine to meet today’s strict emission control standards.

International Radiator Services is the Fontana, CA specialist in DPF filters. Our innovative DPF cleaning and servicing techniques utilize advanced technology to thoroughly clean and recondition DPF filters without ever harming or damaging filter components.

The matrix of materials contained within your diesel engine’s DPF filter requires special handling when being cleaned. If it is not done properly, your filter can be damaged. Our experienced professionals know exactly how to service DPF filters. We are specialists in diesel particulate filter conditioning and cleaning, and have the tools and equipment necessary to return DPF filters to full operational performance levels.

After a thorough visual inspection for cracks and other signs of normal wear, our certified service personnel will perform a flow test on your DPF filter to determine its performance efficiency. We then blast particulate matter such as soot and ash out of your filter using a pneumatic process. In the final cleaning stage, we use a thermal process to bake out any remaining particulate matter, and then perform a final flow test. In addition to our cleaning services, we also offer pick-up and delivery at competitive rates.

We service all types of DPF filters across a wide range of diesel engine manufacturers, such as:

• Volvo
• Kenworth
• International
• Peterbilt
• Freightliner
• And many more

By taking advantage of our extensive and affordable DPF filters reconditioning services, you not only save money, but also improve your vehicle’s performance, and extend its service life. Trust the servicing of your DPF filters to the professionals at International Radiator Services.

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